Who we are

“Moroccan American Forum for Relief and Development” Is a nonprofit , 501c3 exempt,responsible for implementing relief,and development programs in Morocco.We are a dedicated team of development professionals and technical specialists from many sectors and major universities , aiming to uplift the Moroccan community through empowering projects.

Our mission

MAFRAD: aims at uplifting the dignity of the Moroccan people in their homeland through poverty alleviation, educational and economic opportunities , and leadership training.

Support Our Cause

There are so many ways you can support your fellow Moroccans, at MAFRAD we are working on many levels. We have seasonal projects such as: (school supplies, Udhiya for Eid, and Ramadan packages ) and nonseasonal projects such as: ( year-round Orphan support, sustainable farm projects, water wells for villages, medical supplies for hospitals and much more…) You can donate to any of these projects by simply click on “Donate ” button and make your contribution …Thank you